Our vision   We   are the group of people who really need to see the changes of all brand to be more effective adaptive in digital world. Transformation all brand to being more than just a product or service and living in the digital world with their values.

This is our vision to support and point the way for brand to make a different outstanding and express the real value in digital world in case of brand creation for digital native and communication to people with strategic implied and understanding hybridconsumer in the future.

WeThink  This is our philosophy to make the idea real and of course outstandingly different  from the crowd – This is just simply the way we are working here at Brandicator. We think, analyze and interpret physically and emotionally those ideas, thoughts to make sure what the right answer is.


Corporate Identity Design   Brand Logo Design  Brand Name Design

Packaging Design  Product & Concept Design   Photo & VDO Shooting

Ads Presentation Design  Website & Social Media Design

Mobile Application Design   PR Event & Exhibition Design

Store Interior Design  GoogleAdwords& SEO Implementation

Marketing Research & Analysis Pricing Analysis & Strategy

Sales & Marketing Strategy  Trade Mark Registration Offline & Online Marketing   Distribution Channel management