After setting up my own business, We decided that We wanted a career in a design studio working with other designers. we work hard in a team, but I like to think We flourish when I’m doing something We love.

   We’ve got big ideas, aspirations and We am always looking for a way to make them come true. We have learnt that working in a team is important for creative inspiration; having that platform to bounce ideas off other workers provides a foundation from which We can push myself – and others – to our greatest potential.

Communication and understanding of the project means we can solve the brief to the best of our abilities, guaranteeing that key ideas are executed properly and efficiently.

   We genuinely believe that We take a positive and enthusiastic approach in all my work. Each project is engaged in with professionalism to allow my creativity and passion to be expressed.

   Imagination can lead to limitless creation from an individual, so the potential of a team is unparalleled. I like to think that the consistent quality of the work displayed throughout my portfolio exemplifies the potential of any team with me as a member; many of my projects have been undertaken simultaneously, and my ability to micro-manage my time is something that i am very proud of.